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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dinner and Movies

It's been a stressful week for me. First, I was deathly ill at the beginning of the week, and missed two days of work. To make it worse, I have no sick time until January. So that's two days of no pay, but still, there's very little I could do to help it.

I was on a watered-down gatorade diet for a day and a half, and let me tell you - I hate gatorade. Passionately. I love seeing lazy people drink it, though.

So the rest of my week at work was reasonably stressful, it's hard to get caught up after a couple of days. But I got caught up and I think the upcoming week should go smoothly.

To top off the week, I had to babysit my father on Friday night, as my mother's been in Vegas for the last few days, and my father is.. "infirm". Actually, I don't really know what he is. He's sick, but not so sick that he can't leave the house. Still, he doesn't leave the house. So he's been cooped up with no human contact, and being the good daughter I am, I went to babysit. Now, I love my dad. I love him a lot. But he's insane. Not the kind of insane where I have funny stories to tell about crazy family members, insane in a way that scares me to death because I'm afraid of ending up like that too.

Anyway, I brought him dinner and watched movies with him and got out of there by the afternoon, even though he started getting mopey about being left alone again. Kind of like a dog, he knows when you're ready to leave.

To wind down tonight, I had a dinner and movie night. The movies - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Undead. And for dinner - Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

I really wanted to like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I rarely like Johnny Depp, and from seeing previews, I had a feeling this wouldn't be one of those rare moments. However, his semi-goth-rock-retard rendition of Willy Wonka kind of struck a cord with me. Delving into family issues always does that. I enjoyed the movie as a whole. The only parts that bothered me took place inside the chocolate factory. The Oompa Loompas were a disgrace.

Undead, an Aussie zombie/alien flick, was actually pretty cool. Zombie movies are best left in the hands of non-Americans, in most cases. I like a movie without a happy ending.

The dinner came from my favorite food blog in the whole wide world, Culinary in the Desert. I read it faithfully, and drool heavily over the pictures. The pictured wrap looks a lot better than the ones I made, so I have nothing to show. I did make a few substitutions, mostly because I didn't feel like going to the store, but the recipe itself is pretty open to interpretation, I think. My wraps always come ou disastrous. I either buy tortillas that are too small, or I overfill. I think it's a combination of both.

One thing's for sure, blue cheese makes for a happy tummy.

I'm going winter coat shopping in the morning, because it's getting very cold. Well, cold, and then warm, and then it's cold again and I'm unprepared. As a perpetually cold person, it's best to be prepared.


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